Bristol Art Prize

We have had a busy summer. Suzanne and I have been working on a children’s book project. We hope to share progress with you in our next blog.

I received an invitation to participate in the Bristol Art Prize. I confess I was reluctant at first as the subject matter seemed too restrictive. The purpose of the competition is to celebrate the many interesting places in the city and represent the spirit of Bristol in 2013. Clearly no one place can represent Bristol.  Arguably, the Clifton suspension bridge is the best known, although it represents the past.  Some places have a natural attraction such as the harbourside and historic buildings. The competition organisers allocated a location by ballot. So receiving Cabot Circus was something of a challenge!

My work tends to be abstract, exploring form, colour, texture: the way the paint interacts with the surface. Early ideas searched for a way into the subject and this was through interesting reflections. As you will see it turned out to be a more formal painting: a surreal, child’s vision of Cabot Circus.

Circus comes to Town
Circus comes to Town

This is my first painting competition since I was a school boy. I hope you enjoy the end result. All the entries are being displayed on-line at  and, if selected, will be displayed at the new gallery, the former Bristol Guildhall and Assize Courts, in October.


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