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This is artwork prepared for the Aphelion Studio Presents concert featuring Chicaloyoh and Terrine (both from France) and Twin, due to play the Cafe Kino, Bristol, on 21st August 2015.

Aphelion Studio

Wow! The last twelve months have flown by!

I took time out to build a sound studio for Liam, which he moved into early this year.

The Aphelion studio has been named after the second Microdeform tape album, which was released by Zam Zam Recordings

( available on-line

We look forward to hearing music recorded in the studio and which will be released on a new independent Aphelion label.


aphelion logo














In anticipation of the launch I worked on ideas for the new record label. Initial ideas in pencil (see above) where developed in acrylic on canvas (below)




HAPPY NEW YEAR (originally posted 03/01/2013)

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to our friends and blog readers.
We have plans for a number of exhibitions and events this year.
Four members of the SILENT ROOM studio, based at Hamilton House in Bristol:
Lucy Browne, Holly Drewett, Sophie Willoughby and Ian McConaghy, are planning an exhibition for April 2013.
The group propose to explore through paintings, screen prints and photographs, giving their own personal response, in an exhibition titled: SPACE, TIME and IDENTITY.
During the coming weeks and leading up to the exhibition, we will interview each artist, glimpse behind the scenes and take a peek at their work.

Mortlake Exhibition (originally posted 14/12/2012)

As the year draws to a close it seems appropriate to look back at significant events.
In August we had an Exhibition: Mortlake. Inspired by the music of Microdeform and the debut album of the same name, the exhibition included artwork for the CD, together with screen prints and paintings. The Exhibition was held at Hamilton House in Bristol where we have a studio. Microdeform performed two live sets: the opening and closing nights.
Artwork from the exhibition will be added to the webstore.
We have plans for two new exhibitions in 2013: details will be posted soon.
mortlake exhibition 027

mortlake exhibition 028

mortlake exhibition 029

mortlake exhibition 035