Album Artwork

CD case front and back cover images:  Acrylic painting by Ian McConaghy

CD case inside cover images: Photographs by Alex McConaghy, digitally-manipulated by Liam McConaghy

CD slipcase and disc images: Pencil drawing by Ian McConaghy

Design and layout: Liam McConaghy & Ian McConaghy

Cases and slipcases printed by ACD


Discs printed by Disc Manufacturing Services Ltd

Mortlake is the debut album from Bristol-based musician Microdeform.  Six compositions, meticulously constructed from fragments of environmental recordings, thrift store vinyl and instrumental improvisations.

Works exhibited 6th – 10th August 2012 at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol.

Exhibition Statement:

This is the first exhibition by thesilentroom of artwork inspired by the debut album from Microdeform titled MORTLAKE; which is also the name of this exhibition.

There are paintings included in the exhibition which were not included in the final CD package artwork.  The cover design was produced as a screenprint and original prints have been offered to purchasers of the music CD.

The artwork was commenced before the album was completed.  I listened to early rough cuts with suggested track titles.  Some music was later dropped from the album, some pieces changed, as did titles.

This method of working produced a body of work that went beyond the original brief to create an evocative image for the album cover.

There is a mix of images, some with a very definite visual narrative while others, more abstract images, express atmosphere and mood.

Images used in the CD packaging included screenprinted acrylic paintings, digitally manipulated photographs, and drawings with pencil and pen.

Additional artwork for the exhibition includes acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolours and screenprints on paper.

The exhibition has provided an opportunity to bring together the work specifically created for Mortlake the CD together with pieces inspired by the project.

On this occasion the images have been inspired by the music from Mortlake.  Microdeform’s music can be found at microdeform.bandcamp.comand